Literacy and Trade Apprenticeship Program for Poverty Alleviation

Phase ll (PALAM2)

Commune of Pékesse

Reminder of the project 

The PALAM2 program (Literacy and Trade Apprenticeship Program for Poverty Alleviation, phase 2), which is entering its second phase after the 2009 one, contributes among other objectives to poverty reduction in the target regions of Senegal through a literacy and training program accompanied by project financing based on Islamic finance, centered on the family with 4 components

The program entered its second year of operation in December 2021.

ALPHADEV, the implementing partner, carried out activities in the three components in the different sites of Mbeurleup, Ndiob Botal, Taiba Niang, Nékhè Niane and Yandakhène. 

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ALPHADEV contributes to the implementation of the Program for Youth Employability through Non-Formal Learning (PEJA) by conducting 10 literacy classes...

Establishment of chicken coops and training of management committees

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  Launch of productive projects in the 5 Basic Community Schools (ECB) of ALPHADEV in the Municipality of Pékesse by the installation of poultry houses and the...

Launch of the Senegal 2023-2026 program

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ALPHADEV participates from 21 to 22 February 2023 at the Hotel Saly Princesse in Mbour, in the launching workshop of the Senegal Program 2023-2026 of the partner HORIZONT3000....

partnership agreement with BIOFORCE

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ALPHADEV signed this Wednesday, February 15, 2023 a partnership agreement with BIOFORCE. Within the framework of its program Practical Application of Local Solidarity...


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PALAM Literacy and Trade Apprenticeship Program for the Fight against Poverty. Phase II (PALAM2) Commune of PékesseProject description The program...

Reception of office furniture from the World Bank

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ALPHADEV has received an important batch of office furniture from the World Bank. This endowment is the beginning of a partnership that bodes well for the future...


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Women's Federation "Jàng ngir suqaliku

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History Following a vast literacy program in the communes of North Yeumbeul , South Yeumbeul , Malika, Keur Massar and in the rural community of Sanglekam,...

Enrollment of 320 students for health care.

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As part of the partnership with the Universal Health Coverage (UHC), ALPHADEV has enrolled 320 students in its health care system.

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